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Our NRI Desk is a one stop shop for all your investment needs in India. We not only enable investments in Capital Markets, Mutual Funds, Real Estate and Insurance but also assist you with regulatory permissions, opening bank accounts and a host of other related documents and permissions.India is one of the leading emerging economies of the world. It is second largest in terms of population and thus, the growth of the country is consumption driven. This attracts investors across the globe to look at India as an investment hub.

Non-resident Indians who intend to have investments in India

  • Monitor, record and periodically report on his investments
  • Facilitate acquisition / sale / lease of property
  • Facilitate repatriation of sale proceeds/income from investment and real estate
  • Complete banking and other regulatory formalities
  • Portfolio accounting and taxation

Special Financial Services for NRIs

  • Assistance in applying for PAN card (For NRIs / OCI / PIO / Foreign Nationals)
  • Setting up of necessary Savings and PIS account (Portfolio Investment Scheme)
  • accounts with Designated Banks.
  • Helping NRIs to open Demat/Equity & Derivative Trading account.
  • Get integrated accounts in one platform (Bank account , Demat and Trading account)
  • Assistance in liquidation of shares acquired while in resident status (Physical shares) and repatriation of the funds.
  • Portfolio Management Service ( PMS ) to NRIs
  • Mutual Fund - KYC Processing & Mutual Fund Investments
  • Depository Services (DP) with NSDL & CDSL
  • Investing in Initial Public Offers (IPO), Bonds
  • Assistance in Tax Filing in India
  • Real Estate Advisory services